Writing, Editing, Articulating, Engaging, Convincing… Content to engage hearts and minds, add value to your proposition… and win!

THE complete range of writing and editing services – competitive rates or fixed, up-front quotes.

Business Win over targeted audiences with a more compelling articulation of your business proposition. Any medium, anytime, anywhere…  Profiles and capability statements, business case proposals, letters & speeches (shorter is harder- but better), articles, newsletters, online content, tenders, manuals, histories, strategies and plans, case studies, presentations, media releases, policy & position papers…

Copywriting — Words that do the business – that sell and build brand. Broadcast, online, print, direct, audio, presentations, speeches, books, exhibitions, events…

Ghost writing – we’ll write it so you’ll be proud to call it yours.

Information Memorandum, Business Case, Prospectus, IPO, Annual Reports, Special Submissions, Legal Support Documentation, Process Articulation

Media Articles (print and/or online, blogs, newsletters, magazines etc).

Books, Magazines – We can help you publish your own. Think about it…

Specialist Topics – e.g science, technology, innovation – we communicate engaging content simply, succinctly, engagingly, convincingly. We enjoy the challenges of specialist subjects and audiences. Also arts, property, architecture, design, engineering and many more…

Speechwriting — We make the most of YOU! Engaging content tailored to your goals, audience and personal style. Our experience in theatre and TV helps… Sometimes it is “start from scratch” and sometimes it is just “how to best deliver.” Either way, talk to us about how to hold your audience in the palm of your hand! And them how to make the most of your performance via other media of distribution.

Presentations & Scripts – across all media.

Editing & Proofreading — so your words perform at their best. What will help most? Structural Editing — the big picture and articulating the argument most effectively? Copy Editing — accuracy, consistency, grammar, spelling and punctuation? Proofreading — typographical, spelling and usage errors; correct layout and formatting?

For Publishers – Ghost writing, journalism, Managing and/or Commissioning Editor. The content that will make THE difference to your publishing endeavours – whatever the medium.


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